Molton Brown

Made in London, England

We are based here and have been since the beginning, in 1973.

Exotic Ingredients

We source rare ingredients from around the world.

Expertly Blended

We blend each ingredient with care, skill and years of experience.

For Men and Women

Our products are for everyone, with specialist ranges for men and women.

The Royal Warrant

We are proud to announce we have been awarded a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty The Queen for the supply of toiletries to the Royal Family.

Essential Hotel Collection II

The Essential Hotel Collection II feature contemporary designed tubes available in 30ml, 50ml and 80ml sizes.

Indian cress purifying shampoo & conditioner
For smooth shiny hair with aromas of jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood.

White sandalwood body wash and nourishing body lotion
A body wash with Chinese sandalwood leaf and galbanum and violet, and a nourishing body lotion with comforting sandalwood leaf, galbanum aroma oil and our skin pampering complex that instantly firms comforts and hydrates.

Refreshing, reassuring, balanced.

Pink pepperpod body wash
Fiery pink pepper with ginger and patchouli. Cleans and invigorate your skin, with a kick.

Sultry, humid, spicy.

Bushukan body wash
Thai bushukan fruit with lemon and orange. Purk up your mornings with peel, pith and pip.

Zingy, classic, clean.

Cocoa and sandalwood nourishing body lotion
Filipino coconut fruit extract with sandalwood for a comforting aroma and our skin pampering complex that instantly firms, comforts and hydrates.

Flawless, gentle, comforting.

Time To Turndown

Finishing touches make all the difference. Surprise guests with a few well-chosen treats at the end of the day and they will love you for it. Options include…

Seamoss stress-relieving hydrosoak
At the end of a long day, this will transform the bath tub into a marine hydrotherapy experience. Dead Sea salts, Atlantic seaweeds and horse chestnut extracts help flush toxins from the body, relax the muscles and melt stress.

Relaxing yuan zhi mist
This is a favourite with guests. Designed to help soothe the senses after a hectic travel schedule, it uses essential oils of lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang.

Vitamin lipsaver
This enriched protection balm uses honey, beeswax and vitamin E. An essential travel partner, it instantly hydrates, soothes sensitivity and smooths fine lines.

Eye- rescue ultracool 
This cooling cream-gel uses marine extract and starflower to ease away fine lines and soothe the delicate eye area. Eyes look and feel refreshed and renewed.

The Essential Accessories

The answer when your guests have forgotten something. Be it a razor, needle and thread or shower cap, our streamlined range is ready to meet their every need. For example…

Ultra pure milk soap
Hand-milled with pure palm oils and dairy milk, these protein-rich hand and body soaps offer the most gentle, skin-friendly cleansing. Each produces abundant creamy lather containing natural skin conditioners and, rich with Vitamin A and Vitamin D, it helps to improve texture and give a glowing appearance.

Nail File
Contains a full size emery board in a sleeve.

Cartoned Travel Accessories Kit
Contains an emery board, wrapped vanity kit, mending kit and shower cap.

Shave kit
A quality hygiene-sealed disposable razor and a 10ml tube of Molton Brown supershave olibanum shave cream.

Shower cap
Our two-tone box contains a high quality clear elasticated waterproof cap for use while showering or bathing.

Mending kit 
Sleekly boxed kit. Contains: cotton thread, button, needles and pins.

Vanity kit 
Handy set of quality cotton tips and pads.

Dental kit 
A high quality hygiene-sealed travel toothbrush and Molton Brown freshmint toothpaste 7ml.

Natural exfoliating pad 
A natural marine loofah perfect for gently exfoliating the skin.

Molton Brown Environmental Philosophy

All Molton Brown formulations are biodegradable, 100% Vegan and have never been tested on animals.

Balancing nature with science and manufacturing has always been a priority at Molton Brown. We are constantly working to improve our environmental practices without ever sacrificing on our commitment to creating the highest quality products that continue to deliver on our promise of the thrill of discovery.

Molton Brown ‘Firsts’

  • Molton Brown was the first in the UK to list its ingredients.
  • Molton Brown was the first in the UK to commit to never test on animals.
  • Molton Brown was the first in the UK to make soaps using pure vegetable oils.
  • Molton Brown was the first to introduce plant ingredients from Asia to skincare and body care.
  • Molton Brown was the first in the UK to make a commitment to never endorsing animal testing on any of its raw materials or finished products.

Molton Brown supports FRAME, which explores alternative ways of testing cosmetics.

We use natural raw materials from sustainable sources around the globe, often encouraging trade with underdeveloped countries.

Products and Ingredients

Molton Brown’s product philosophy has always been to link the purest plant and mineral extracts with the power of Natural Sciences to unleash their full potency and benefits through our skin, hair and body care products.

We endeavour to use as many naturally derived ingredients as possible, sourced from sustainable sources around the world.

All Molton Brown formulations are biodegradable and 100% Vegan.

We will not mislead our consumers by implying that our naturally derived or natural ingredients equate to a totally natural product and, although many of our ingredients are derived from ‘organic’ sources, our products are not 100% natural or 100% organic.

From 2007, we began reviewing all formulations to utilize more natural preservative systems for all new product development, thus replacing the use of parabens.

Molton Brown only uses preservatives that are safe, mild and legally allowed in cosmetic products worldwide. These preservatives are necessary and included to prevent product deterioration and help ensure that products are safe to use and ultimately deliver on our benefit promise.


Carbon Footprint reduction is an ever growing priority at Molton Brown.  Recently the Carbon Trust, a UK non profit agency audited our manufacturing facility to help us better understand the impact of our current efforts and to provide more detailed insight into other methods of reduction.

New technology has been implemented to separate and recycle materials used in the manufacturing process.

Molton Brown employs a full time position that focuses solely on health and safety with continued focus on addressing environmental concerns and opportunities within our manufacturing facility.

Molton Brown is internationally renowned for its compliance with packaging waste legislation. This is accomplished through our participation in the EU’s Green DOT Program which originated in Germany in 1991.This symbol on packaging identifies to consumers that our product packaging is recyclable and is part of the DSD Collection/Sorting Process throughout the EU.

Molton Brown’s iconic bottles are made of PET 1, the most environmentally friendly plastic, and are fully recyclable.

All our dermatological, ophthalmic and SPF testing are carried out by an independent testing company on human volunteers.