The H2k Story

H2k was founded by Managing Director, Hazel Barry. Hazel established the business in year 2000 in the hope of manufacturing products to help her skin issues. Originally Hazel developed the products to help those with similar complaints, but as the brand has grown, more products have been developed for all skin types. The Kalahari Melon, originating from Namibia in Africa is the main ingredient which has grown the H2k brand from where it began to where it is today.

Kalahari Melon Oil

The seeds of the indigenous melon are grown in the Kalahari Desert area of Namibia in Africa. Kalahari Melon oil is classed as a vegetable oil, obtained by pressing the seeds of the melon and has some claimed properties as a moisturiser and skin feel additive. This has had a significant impact on the brand with many sensing the moisturising elements and luxurious textures, leaving the skin sensitive to touch, thus creating an ambience of serenity.

What makes H2k different now

H2k believe the future lies in an organic way of living and the only way to move forward is to listen to the expertise from leading spa professionals and their customers.

ECO Awareness Strategy

“Luxury with a conscience”

Here at H2k we create products to exceed the expectations of our customers and their clients. We also embrace the very latest technology in developing innovative collections whilst helping our customers to achieve their environmental targets. This creates an added value to their clients at no extra cost.We only use recyclable, refillable bottles, all our products are cruelty free and we recycle all our waste which helps us to reduce our carbon foot print year on year.

H2k’s lifelong plan

H2k truly believe the answer to the work/life balance is being healthy and happy, thus enjoying life for longer.

Hazel Barry Managing Director & C.E.O.


live the life you love, love the life you live