Lather Aromatherapy



The LATHER Aromatherapy Collection – Uplifting

Inspired by LATHER’s best-selling retail products, each item in their newest collection features a unique aromatherapy blend offering distinct benefits for both body and mind. Formulations draw on natural oils, extracts, and conditioning agents, and use food-grade, naturally-derived glycerin. Products are 100% vegan, containing NO animal by-products, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, urea, or petrol-derived ingredients.

Contemporary white tubes are accented with one of LATHER’s signature colors, reflecting our modern, unisex look, and designed to appeal to today’s luxury market. Soaps are packaged in recyclable unit cartons printed with soy-based inks, while the tubes and caps are both biodegradable and recyclable.


  • Hair Wash (Mint Thyme)
  • Creme Rinse ( Yuzu Bergamot)
  • Body Wash (Bamboo Lemongrass)
  • Moisturizer (Lavender Lime)
  • Gentle Face Soap
  • Exfoliating Body Soap

Eco Pure

What is EcoPure?
EcoPure is an organic compound that, when added in small amounts to plastic, enhances its biodegradation in a typical landfill.

What does biodegradable mean?
When something biodegrades, it can be completely consumed by microorganisms, leaving only natural elements like water, biomass (nutrient-rich soil called humus) and biogas (either carbon dioxide
or methane).

How does EcoPure work?
The reality is that most hotel amenity bottles find their way into landfills, sitting there for thousands of years and taking up a lot of space. Microbes, the organisms responsible for biodegradation, feast on things like apple cores, banana peels and the like. Typically, microbes ignore plastic, but EcoPure makes plastic just as appealing to their “appetite” as a banana peel.

How long does it take for plastic treated with EcoPure to biodegrade?
The reality is that, unless it has been incinerated, every piece of plastic ever created still exists. Why? Because it was designed to last forever. One can expect that, left on its own, plastic may possibly biodegrade in 1,000 years. When treated with EcoPure, plastic will biodegrade in 1 – 20 years in a typical landfill.

Is plastic treated with EcoPure recyclable?
Yes, and we would encourage doing so whenever possible! Knowing that most hotel amenity bottles are thrown away and that it is difficult to recycle bottles filled with products, EcoPure can make any in-room amenity collection very environmentally friendly.

What does plastic with EcoPure look like?
EcoPure does not affect the look or feel of plastic. Unless told, you would never know that it’s there.

Is EcoPure safe?
EcoPure meets international standards for safety and biodegradation, is FDA compliant, and is CFIA approved for food contact.

What is the shelf life of plastic treated with EcoPure?
The shelf life is the same as plastic that is not treated with EcoPure. Biodegradation occurs only when EcoPure treated plastic enters a microbial-rich environment, aka a landfill.

Who else uses EcoPure?
While new to hospitality, more than 300 companies worldwide have already integrated EcoPure into plastic water bottles, shoes, trash bags and many other plastic items.

LATHER’s Mission

To offer a superior skin care experience by creating products using only the highest quality, effective natural ingredients, and providing exceptional services that not only treat the skin but educate the consumer.

Since LATHER’s inception in 1999, we’ve strived to inspire a healthier, more radiant life. By taking a holistic approach to skin care, placing our focus on sourcing natural ingredients and essential oils, as well as drawing upon the benefits of aromatherapy, we provide high quality products that care for the skin as well as the mind.

 As our brand continues to grow, we aim to take this “holistic” vision to a higher level, seeking out opportunities to give back to the community, educate our customers, sustain the environment, and support endeavors that help others lead a more radiant life.