Kube Systems Charging Devices

Guests without charging cables no longer have a problem with Kube Systems’ premium universal charging systems for all mobile devices.  All Kube Systems products are designed specifically for hotels to eliminate the built-in obsolescence of devices with fixed docking stations, in a small but efficient size.

With guest-loved features such as automatic dimming in low light and a single use alarm which resets daily, and housekeeping-loved features such as automatic daylight savings changes and accurate time retention even if unplugged, Kube Systems offers affordable and stylish solutions for your in-room and public areas.

Easy to use and fully upgradable, Kube Systems products feature the option of wireless charging, compatible with Samsung, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  They also offer optional security features and can be co-branded with your property’s logo.

Interior Images is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kube Systems’ innovative in-room solutions for Australia and New Zealand.

Kube Systems – Phone charger. Alarm Clock. Music Player.

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