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The iconic Australian skincare line is available
for hotels exclusively through Interior Images.

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A social enterprise supporting vulnerable women through
Australian-made skin care, hair care and hand sanitiser.

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Welcome to Interior Images.

Our luxury hotel amenities have been elevating your hotel guest experiences to new levels of sophistication since 1998.

At Interior Images, we’ve spent the last two decades crafting indulgent guest experiences at luxury hotels, resorts and serviced apartments spanning Australia and New Zealand.

Partner with us and we’ll help you hand select the perfect blend of luxury guest amenities to bring your unique brand and design concept to life. The favourable impression our amenities will make on your guests will contribute to long-lasting, positive memories of their stay.


Choose from a Wide Variety of Brands 

Browse our portfolio of exclusive international brands, indulge in our Australian-made collections, or embark on a custom journey to take guests on a truly immersive experience. We’ll help you tell the story of your brand, one bottle (or tube) at a time.

Choose a brand that most accurately conveys the type of impression your establishment is seeking to create for your guests. From whimsical and carefree to stately and elegant, we are certain that we have a brand that perfectly encapsulates a stay at your luxury accommodation.

More than toiletries, we also offer a wide range of dry amenities, linens and electronics. So whether you need slippers, umbrellas, shoe horns, charging devices or robes, we can serve as your trusted sole supplier.


The Best Service in the Industry

We have been setting the standard in luxury hotel amenities for 20 years not only because of our products, but also because of our unmatched service. Our team of highly skilled and experienced specialists know the hospitality business inside and out, and are ready to apply their expertise to your operations.

Our warehouse facilities in Melbourne, Perth and Auckland allow us to store and ship your product when you need it.  And our team of logistics specialists can provide intricate solutions no matter where you are located, ensuring your luxury hotel amenities are delivered safely and at minimal cost.

Our in-house creative team can assist with design, marketing and product development.  So whether you need a full property solution, a marketing or rollout plan, or simply some imaginative inspiration, our services are just a phone call away.



We Can Help You reach your Environmental Goals

When it comes to the planet, we’re all guests. That’s why we are committed to helping you find ways to offer the most environmentally-sensitive, yet luxurious guest experience as possible. From our wide range of high quality dispenser systems featuring the world’s most trusted skincare brands, to biodegradable slippers and reduced plastic dry amenities, we offer an ever-growing list of eco-friendly solutions for your property.  

We also know how important it is to engage partners who share in your commitment to being a good corporate citizen. That’s why we are proudly a Certified Low CO2 Business through our partnership with the Carbon Reduction Institute. Through this program we continually strive to reduce waste, lower our carbon emissions and lessen our impact on the planet.

Get Plugged-In to our Universal Charging Devices

Stylish, innovative and affordable, Kube Systems’ premium universal charging systems for all mobile devices were specifically designed for hotels to eliminate the built-in obsolescence of devices with fixed docking stations.

Offering exciting features such as Bluetooth compatibility, a light sensor for automatic dimming, a single use alarm that resets daily and the ability to maintain the correct time even if unplugged, Kube Systems products are loved by guests and housekeepers alike.

Easy to use and fully upgradable, Kube Systems products feature the option of wireless charging, compatible with Samsung, iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  Perfect for in-room and public areas, Kube Systems products mean your guests never have to worry about forgotten charging cables again.