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Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa

Acca Kappa is a niche brand recognised as a byword for luxury and reliability, coming from an Italian family-run operation that dates back to 1869. Today Acca Kappa is a world leader thanks to the quality of its products, which are born of a unique workmanship that is part and parcel of the taste, culture and excellence, underlying the “Made in Italy” label.

The Acca Kappa White Moss Collection features a fragrance that surrounds the body with the freshness of an Italian spring. The harmonious blend of sweet, sensual notes of light wood, amber, and moss is perfect for men and women alike.

The classic black-and-white packaging is as at home in a historic Italian villa as it is in a modern boutique property. Offered in traditional amenity sizes or 360ml bottles with pump dispensers, which can be wall mounted with the innovative, new Disappearing Mini-Bracket.

Products in mini-bracket dispensers are offered in hygienic closed system bottles with discreet liquid viewing windows so Housekeeping knows when it’s time to replace and recycle. The individual aluminium mini-brackets are mounted easily with 3M tape and remain hidden behind each bottle. The bracket can be opened using the key and is attached by sliding the bottle on and closing the lid to secure.

For an elegant range of amenities created with a delicate, refined selection of fine ingredients, opt for Acca Kappa.

Acca Kappa – The story of a lifestyle, born of Italian taste, culture and elegance.

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