The Botanist & The Chemist

The Botanist and The Chemist is a new way to perceive nature, an original concept that sees tradition and innovation combined together.

Often the best ideas come in an unexpected and singular way, thanks to an event, a meeting or even a discovery. This is the story of Gaia and Marc, two Italian friends that recently decided to reveal the secret of their success, opening the doors of a new Skin Care Brand ‘The Botanist and The Chemist’, a mix between cosmetic innovation and legendary formulation.

Why legendary, you might ask? Well, because the main inspiration comes directly from a story, that if it is true or not we are not supposed to know. But they truly believed in it and brought it into reality.

Gaia is a self-taught botanical and floral expert, while Marc is a young pharmacist. Since they met in high school they became very close friends, sharing throughout the years their knowledge of scientific and natural topics.

One day in the old library of the family house, Gaia found an antique manuscript, initiated precisely, ‘The Botanist and The Chemist’.

Fascinated, intrigued and extremely amused by the story, she immediately understood the potential that could arise from it. After showing March the incredible find, the plan was already clear: Gaia would have thought about the creative and artistic part of the project, while he would have been the scientific ‘mind’.

‘The more we went into reading, the more we seemed to know these two characters. Almost as if they had chosen us to finally be able to confide their secret that has remained unknown all this time.’ Gaia and Marc gave life to a new range of products guided not only by their great sense of creativity but specifically by their intense research and studies in both, pharmacy and botanical fields. Taking inspiration from what the story tells, they found themselves playing with elements from the past and taking them into the present. Natural ingredients and antique cosmetic tools have been adapted in a modern way, above all thanks to the development of innovative and original formulas, effective and extremely delicate for the skin. Trying to satisfy the requests of all kind of users, they developed the two original collections: Spicy Thyme and Sweet Mandarin.

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