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ANYAH is a high quality and eco-friendly amenities collection designed to promote well-being and meet the strictest requirements needed to protect the environment. The marriage of these two goals has generated a superior, spa-quality treatment line, of which many products are certified by EcoLabel and EcoCert. These certifications are the most recognised and sought after European environment classifications.

Made in Italy, ANYAH formulations have been created using quality raw materials with reduced environmental impact, many sourced from organic farming and almost all of natural origin. To safeguard the aquatic ecosystem, the formulations also boast a low CDV TOX rate and are free of microbeads.

With modern and compact lines, ANYAH products come in 100% post-consumer recycled PET bottles or innovative doypacks. ANYAH’s bottles save 27% CO2 emissions over a typical bottle of the same size, while the cutting-edge doypacks offer a sizable 68% reduction CO2 emissions. Accessories, packaged in grey recycled paper throughout the collection, introduce original and modern shapes that add style and interest to the collection.

In order to guide those who will use ANYAH towards sustainable consumption habits, the packaging includes a “smile” infographic to explain in a user-friendly way the impact this product has on the environment. We think you’ll find that with your guests, the smile is contagious.

ANYAH Eco Spa Treatment – Makes the Environment Smile!

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