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Natura Bissé

Founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1979, Natura Bissé’s mission is simple – to use its intrinsic forward-thinking creativity to develop effective skincare, which provides real and visible results, through the use of avant-garde technologies and superior quality ingredients. They don’t just use science, they develop it. As a vast contributor to the advancement of skincare technology, and through extensive research and development, Natura Bissé is a recognized leader in developing trend-setting products and techniques.

Masters in both the worlds of retail and spa, Natura Bissé provides a comprehensive solution for its partners. From targeted spa treatments to on-going at-home maintenance, the company knows how to treat the skin, and knows how to effectively connect with discerning consumers. Natura Bissé products can be found in prestigious retail outlets and luxury spas in more than 36 countries around the globe, and now for the first time, in Australia and New Zealand’s finest hotels.

The Rosemary and White Tea Collection of aromatic products offers excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for the skin. White tea extract cares for the skin with great delicacy while rosemary extract stimulates the senses, providing immediate well-being. The perfect combination of Asian excellence and Mediterranean grandeur!

Natura Bissé – Rethinking Beauty since 1979.

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