Bring Your Brand To Life With Bespoke Hotel Amenities

Creating a custom amenities range for your property gives you the opportunity to further tell
your unique brand story through one of your guest’s most personal touch points.

Drawing on years of experience, Interior Images offers a comprehensive custom design and manufacturing service at your request. This service covers new product development tailored to your budget and property profile. The result is exclusive, bespoke guest amenities that you’ll be proud of and your guests will love.

Let’s get creative

The first step in creating the appropriate solution is listening to your needs and ideas. Once we understand your brand and property, our product development and design teams will guide you through a selection of innovative packaging options, design ideas, memorable fragrances and exciting ingredients, all of which combine to capture the unique essence of your hotel or resort.

If localisation is important to you, we offer the opportunity to have your custom amenities made in Australia, incorporating indigenous botanicals and oils. This includes Australian-made soaps, using the finest quality R.S.P.O. palm oils, which can also be embossed with your brand logo.

creative services pantone book
flowers and amber bottle
blank packaging and leaves

Don’t be afraid to dream

Creating your own in-room amenities collection is only the beginning. If your dream is to expand your custom collection to include revenue-generating retail, luxurious gifting and high performance spa products, we have the capabilities to make that dream a reality. If you want your signature aroma to fragrance the air in your lobby and public spaces, we can create candles and diffusers to accomplish that as well.

Contact us today to start exploring what we can create together.


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