Geneva Green

Geneva Green are high quality cosmetics formulated with plant extracts to rejuvenate and refresh. Gentle, natural ingredients such oat bran, rice protein, shea butter, aloe vera, black tea and keratin strengthen and soothe the skin and hair while adding a sense of well being. Cleansers and creams are characterised by fresh, clean scents inspired by botanicals. Never overpowering, these scents are appreciated by men and women alike. All cosmetics are proudly made in Italy and rigorously dermatologically tested, nickel tested and free of petrolatum.

Conscious consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about their impact on the environment. As we question our reliance on plastic packaging and search for ways to increase the recyclability of what we do use, Geneva Green’s circular design approach may hold the answer to a more sustainable guest amenity experience. In this unique approach, bottles and caps are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and decorated with labels that easily separate from the bottle during the recycling process.

Soap wrapping is made with 100% recyclable paper. Door hangers and presentation boxes are made with 80% recovered fibres and 20% pure ECF cellulose.

This means zero waste is sent to a landfill. 

After use, recyclable plastic can be sorted and sent to specialized facilities where the material is broken down into re-usable flakes of plastic. These flakes, known as Post Consumer Plastic, can be reformed and reused indefinitely with careful manufacturing. This process is endless: new plastic can be obtained from old plastic in a circular economy model that aims to create value from the waste.

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Geneva Green – Circular Design: New Life, New Value, Less Waste.

Made in Italy eco friendly amenties from Geneva Green
Sealed pumps and bottles from Geneva Green
Made in Italy clean and fresh toiletries