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Grown Alchemist formulations represent the unique synergy between biology and cosmetic chemistry creating bio-compatible beauty. Their natural active ingredients have a molecular structure that the body recognises and therefore utilises to greater effect, increasing efficacy and the anti-aging results. This increased efficacy is a result of their international advancements in natural cosmeceutical research representing a new generation of skincare, body care and hair care formulations.

Grown Alchemist efficacious formulas comprise of scientifically advanced natural cell communicating ingredients including Neuro–Peptides, Tetra–Peptides, Tocotrienols, and advanced Hygroscopic actives that regenerate beauty with superior results. Their scientifically innovative formulas address these negative influences, changing the way the body repairs and regenerates the skin. These powerful cosmeceuticals promote cellular renewal and repair, cleansing and detoxing, releasing visual vibrancy and health to your skin. Their understanding of cellular renewal and nutrient metabolisation, as well as the protection of your health represents a new evolution of capable, healthy skincare.

GROWN ALCHEMIST – Beautiful Healthy Skin.

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