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H2k was founded by Managing Director, Hazel Barry, in 2000. Hazel established the business in the hope of blending products to address her own skin issues. Originally Hazel developed H2k’s gentle formulations to help those with similar complaints, but as the brand has grown, more products have been developed for all skin types. Recognising the need for quality skincare both at home and while traveling, H2k now offers quality dispenser ranges for use in-room or in public areas.

Kalahari melon oil is one of the secrets to H2k’s skin-pampering formulations.  Sourced from the Kalahari Desert in Namibia, the seeds of the melon are pressed into vegetable oil.  When used in skincare, the oil creates a luxurious texture and delivers intense moisture, leaving skin silky soft.

H2k believe the future lies in an organic way of living and has created the Organic ‘h’ collection to help with pursuing a healthy and thus happy life.  Infused with organic cucumber and sea kelp extracts to help soothe and condition skin and hair, these products are pure and gentle enough for all visitors to your property.

Overflowing with herbal oils to treat and soften the skin, H2k’s Spa Collection is an admirable and affordable way to pamper your guests.  Rich in Kalahari melon seed oil, which leaves skin unbelievably soft, these spa-quality formulations are suitable for any design and climate.

With your guests’ relaxation in mind, H2k creates scents that are spa-inspired and feature natural extracts of cucumber and sea kelp.  Presented in clear bottles with convenient pumps, the H2k range includes single, double or triple stainless steel brackets to wall mount the products.

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