Kube Systems

The Kube Portable has the same device charging functionality as the Kube Audio Clock, but without the clock and speakers. It contains an ultra-high performance rechargeable battery and is designed for use in your public areas, restaurants, bars, conference rooms, and club rooms. Your guests can now charge their devices at their table, without the need for your staff to look after your guests’ property. And because the devices can only be recharged on the Kube Portable’s docking station, there is no incentive for theft.

Features of the Kube Portable include:

  • Premium multi-device charger for up to six devices at once
  • System available as a set of 5 Kube units and a charging tray
  • Hardware is upgradeable with replaceable cables for Apple Lightning and Micro USB
  • Qi ‘drop and charge’ wireless charging suitable for Samsung and Apple devices
  • Recharging tray the only way to charge a Kube unit
  • Time limit settings for each Kube unit
  • Security tethering option
  • Possibility to co-brand with property logo

Interior Images is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Kube Systems’ innovative in-room solutions for Australia and New Zealand.

Please contact us to arrange an in-person demonstration.

Mobile device charging solutions for Australian business