A lifelong migraine sufferer, Emilie Davidson Hoyt learned at an early age how natural ingredients can positively affect the body and mind.  In 1999, Emilie launched LATHER as a small line of pure olive oil-based soaps in Pasadena, California.  By expanding their product line and challenging expectations of what it meant to be “natural”, LATHER has grown into a much loved boutique brand that offers cleaner alternatives to traditional, synthetic-based skin care.  LATHER’s fresh, unisex products can be found in like minded hotels, spas and boutiques around the globe.

LATHER maintains “it’s what’s inside that counts”.  That’s why each of their formulas is infused with as many beneficial, natural ingredients as possible and why they avoid synthetics as a rule. The products contain conditioning agents such as shea butter and bamboo extract instead of mineral oil. Potentially-harmful sulphates and parabens have been eliminated and they are never tested on animals.  With all these benefits, wouldn’t your guests rather LATHER?

Aromatherapy, the use of fragrant essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits to enhance a feeling of well-being, has been a cornerstone of the LATHER brand from the beginning.  All LATHER products are scented with essential oils or natural extract blends and are designed to be fresh, unisex and never perfumed or overpowering. LATHER’s ability to craft unique, clean and memorable scents always helps them “nose out” the competition.

“Never tested on animals and free of parabens and sulfates, this eco-friendly brand is ideal for sensitive skin.” – Virtuoso Traveler Magazine

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LATHER – Clean Skin for a Radiant Life.