A local solution to a global problem

The Coronavirus outbreak has brought the world’s second largest economy to a standstill and the ripple effects are being felt far beyond China’s borders.  The lack of Chinese tourists entering Australia and New Zealand will be just the first blow to the hotel industry. The second will be the lack of guest amenities as global manufacturing and international supply chains break down.

It may not necessarily be common knowledge, but most amenities that are branded with phrases such as ‘locally-owned’, ‘locally-designed’ or ‘locally-ïnspired’ are still made in China. With China’s manufacturing sector in disarray and office workers from Wuhan to Shanghai and Hong Kong being ordered to stay home, the flow of premium bathroom amenities is beginning to dry up.

Interior Images is helping its clients circumvent this problem by drawing on its portfolio of Australian-made shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, soaps and more. Retail brands such as Grown Alchemist Alchemist, Subtle EnergiesTwo Good Co.Serendipity, among others, offer their locally-made products to hotels via Interior Images, avoiding the uncertainty in Asia and hassles such as long lead times and the possibility of quarantine.

Interior Images Founder, Val Houston, says the situation in China has only hastened the trend of providing travellers with a product produced in the region, highlighting local flavours, design and expertise.

“Locally-made toiletries are a fast and affordable way to add authenticity to a guest’s experience at your property – and never has there been a more crucial moment to support local businesses.”

“If a hotel is considering making the change to dispensers for environmental reasons, the current economic scenario also creates the perfect opportunity to change to a local product.

“You can obtain high-quality formulations, a carbon-neutral product, a recognisable brand – and move away from single-use plastic, whilst realising a significant cost saving over your current 30ml or 50ml products from China,” Houston added.

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