Q&A with Two Good Co. founder, Rob Caslick.

Meet Rob Caslick, an engineer with a goal of making a real difference to the lives of women severely affected by domestic violence. Rob explains that creating Two Good Co.’s beautiful amenities enable him and his team to continue and expand their employment programs, positively impacting the lives of women who need it the most.

Q: Are you able to tell us about the initial inspiration/catalyst for Two Good Co?

A: The catalyst was to scale our soup kitchen without asking for money.  We were donating organic meals but what we were really doing was giving dignity and creating community. We wanted to give out more organic food but didn’t want to have to ‘shake the can’ so to speak.

Q: What is the story behind your company name?

A: We launched Two Good originally as a buy one give one business.  We sold a meal to someone in the city and used the profits to make a meal that we donated to the soup kitchen. We launched to all our friends and it bombed.  We only sold 6 meals so we decided to donate them to a women’s service supporting women who have experienced domestic violence. The impact we created at the women’s shelter was far greater than the soup kitchen so we decided to dedicate our work to women who’ve experienced domestic violence.

Q: How long have you been in operation?

A: 8 years

Q: How would a Hotelier be making a difference by choosing Two Good Co amenities for their property?

A: In 2022 we employed and empowered 38 women through our business. We love it.  We wouldn’t have it any other way, but it’s expensive.  We created amenities as a way to fund the employment programs. Here’s a little video of why we exist and who you are supporting.

Q: Do you know/could you estimate how many lives you’ve changed through your work?

A: It’s difficult to quantify as we also donate 1000 meals a week to women’s shelters. But looking forward our goal is to graduate 60 women a year, each year. 

Q: Where are your bath products made/sourced? 

A: We make all of our products in Australia – including the recycled plastic bottles.

Q: You have a diverse product mix, including homewares and pantry goods, as well as your bath products. How did this come about?  

A: We create products based on the needs of the women in the shelters.  From our alpaca blankets to our plates and jump suits. I love it as it helps us be innovative.  Our end client is someone who has had their self-worth taken away from them.  Our goal is to create moments of self-worth through beautiful things. 

Q: Tell us about how your products are environmentally and socially sustainable?

A: We always ask ourselves – how do we have the greatest possible social impact with the least impact on the earth. The last thing we want to do is to scale our products and create larger environmental problems.  We use RPET plastic and have refillable 5L options.  We have also created a dispenser made from plastics pulled from the ocean.

Q: What has surprised you the most about the Two Good Co journey this far?

A: The amount of people and businesses walking with us on our mission.  It’s awesome!

Q: What has been your proudest moment?

A: Hard to say! A recent proud moment was watching one of the women talk about becoming a positive role model for her daughter.  I love this as it helps break cycles and is actually creating generational change. I must also say that I’m proud of the work we do to create a safe space for change to happen.  We are not responsible for the change, it’s the amazing women who change their own lives. 

Q: How did you get involved with Interior Images and how does this collaboration work?

A: When I met the founder of Interior Images, Val Houston, I talked about what we were trying to do. Being an engineer with zero experience in personal care we needed a lot of guidance and support.  Val was always there to guide us to make sure the product was as good as the social impact.

To explore the Two Good Co. range available through Interior Images, and request a sample, click here.

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