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Inspired by the mysterious and fascinating East, the Prija collection offers a range of products that will take you on a sensorial journey to exotic, unexplored places. Experience the warm scents, the natural colours, and the sensual textures of Prija on your skin and hair. Precious ingredients from around the globe are expertly blended to transform your body care routine into a moment of escape.

From the Fortifying Shampoo with Eruca Sativa and the Toning Body Cream with Centella Asiatica extract and avocado oil, to Hand Cream with hydrating Macadamia Oil, these elaborate formulations were created to deliver nourishing skin and hair benefits, directly from Nature.

To augment the formulations, Prija has crafted a fragrance that tells a story of a long journey through distant places. The journey begins in the Mediterranean with notes of fresh citrus, spicy nutmeg and aromatic orange blossoms, and takes you to the exotic East, blending cloves, artemisia, cardamom, birch leaves and cinnamon zest. It finally reaches exotic islands brimming with the sensuality of precious woods and reassuring notes of Madagascar vanilla, amber and white musk.

Prija’s new dispenser range is packaged in bottles and pumps made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic. Non-refillable to safeguard the integrity of the formulation, Prija dispensers are specifically designed to be recycled after use.

This means zero waste is sent to a landfill. 

After use, recyclable plastic can be sorted and sent to specialized facilities where the material is broken down into re-usable flakes of plastic. These flakes, known as Post Consumer Plastic, can be reformed and reused indefinitely with careful manufacturing. This process is endless: new plastic can be obtained from old plastic in a circular economy model that aims to create value from the waste.

Prija – Begin your exotic journey here.

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