Luxury Bathrobe Collection

A comfortable bathrobe in your hotel room is one of travelling’s most appreciated small luxuries.

Our luxury bathrobe collection has been carefully curated to help you find the perfect solution for your unique property and location. We offer 100% natural fibre robes in a variety of styles, fabrics, weights and prices. From classic cuts in sumptuous velour to streamlined styles in contemporary cotton, our robes suit every environment and guest. Without sacrificing comfort or style, our robes have been expertly constructed to withstand industrial washing and drying, and are perfect for use in hospitality.

Heavy to medium weight robes

A plush robe is an excellent way to help guests chase away the chill on a cool morning or after bathing. Warm, natural fabrics, such as 100% cotton velour or terry, are extremely soft and inviting. When used to construct a robe featuring a large shawl collarfull-length sleeves and generous pockets, the end result is a perfect complement to any luxury hotel, resort or spa environment.

Our heavy to medium weight robes come in a variety of styles including our finest Frette Velour, our Deluxe Double Layer, our modern Striped Velour and our Classic Terry. Each style offers options for customisation.

Medium to lightweight robes

Whether you’re searching for a contemporary robe, a dressing gown for warmer climates or a casual option for a spa or pool area, our portfolio of medium to lightweight robes offers quality and choice. Comprised of 100% natural cotton in waffle weaveribbed cotton or delicate jacquard, and featuring a comfortable kimono-style neckline, these robes are well-appointed and much-loved.

Our medium to lightweight robes come in a variety of styles including our superior Frette Waffle, popular Classic Waffle with or without piping, our refined Micro-Weave Cotton, our fashionable Ribbed Cotton and our elegant Jacquard Kimono. Each style offers options for customisation.

Customised robes

Understanding the value of branding, we offer a variety of different ways to customise your bathrobe selection. From embroidering your logo and adding a custom tag, to dyeing the fabric and piping to match your designated Pantone colours, let us help you create a robe that elegantly embodies your brand.

Our experienced creative team will guide you every step of the way, as we together determine the level and style of branding that best suits your needs. Our design services are complimentary, so lets start exploring your options today.

And don’t forget the possibility of your customised robes generating additional revenue. A beautiful bathrobe makes the perfect gift or keepsake from a wonderful stay, so ask us about retailing them in your gift shop, in-room or on your e-commerce web site.

Minimum order quantities for customisation start at anywhere between 100 – 1000 pieces, depending on robe type. Prices are based on the style of branding and are determined upon approved artwork.

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