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By pairing high-quality fixtures with the sought-after brands that travellers love, we can help you reduce waste, enjoy long-term savings and elevate the perception of dispenser programs for your guests.

Environmentally, a dispenser program is estimated to save an average of 113 kilos of plastic per year for a 140-room hotel. That equates to approximately 23,000 single-use plastic bottles or tubes not going into a landfill or recycling stream.

Dispenser programs also offer a host of other benefits. Guests can use as much or as little liquid product as desired, meaning that less product is wasted. The larger dispenser bottles are easier to read and use for older guests. It takes less time on a daily basis for housekeeping to service the rooms, and depending on the type of dispenser and product selected, there are opportunities to reap significant economic savings in the long term.

Classic Bracket Dispensers

Make a style statement in your property’s bathrooms with sleek and contemporary dispenser brackets. These green options allow you to use cost-effective bulk refills and are perfect for showcasing beautiful, full-size products from a wide variety of reputable skin care brands.

Extend the experience throughout your hotel, spa, restrooms, fitness areas and restaurants by offering matching hand washes and lotions as a luxurious and cohesive full property solution.

Available in brushed stainless steel or powder-coated black finish, 500ml sizes and as single, double or triple bottle brackets.

Brands available include Grown AlchemistSalusAshley & Co., Botany Aromatherapy, Botany Naturals and Urban Rituelle.

Acca Kappa dispensers for hotels
Disappearing Mini metal bracket to hold pump bottles in hotels motels showers accommodation
Guild and Pepper fine toiletries in pump bottle dispensers from Gilchrist & Soames

Disappearing Mini Bracket

Retail bottles are the star attraction with individual, stainless-steel, mini brackets. The hardware remains completely hidden behind each bottle ensuring the branded product is featured prominently for guests.

Each mini bracket comes with 3M adhesive already attached, simply peel and place the bracket where desired! The 300ml – 360ml collections that are compatible with the mini bracket are designed to easily slide into the bracket and lock into place. Each bottle also has a semi-transparent visibility strip on the side so you can monitor the product fill level.

Our mini bracket collections are non-refillable and tamper-proof. Simply use the entire bottle and then recycle and replace!

Brands available include Acca Kappa, Guild+Pepper, Gilchrist & Soames’ London Collection, and  Gilchrist & Soames’ Reserve Collection.

Diptyque 300ml dispenser toiletries featuring the invisible dispenser bracket for hotels
Malin + Goetz modern skincare solutions for hotels in pump bottles with invisible brackets
Floris fine toiletries in pump dispenser bottles for 5 star hotels

Invisible Bracket

This dispenser system is steadily secured to the wall with no visible supports. Brackets can be wall mounted with 3M tape and/or screws, and since they are sold as single units, they can be arranged in any configuration.

The 300ml collections that are compatible with the invisible bracket slide onto the bracket and are released and locked using a built key. Each bottle also has a semi-transparent visibility strip on the side so you can monitor the fill level.

Our invisible bracket collections are non-refillable and tamper-proof. Simply use the entire bottle and then recycle and replace!

Brands available include Malin+Goetz, Floris, Diptyque, Natura Bisse, and C.O. Bigelow

First We Clean pump dispenser with polycarbonate bracket for hotels motels and accommodation providers

Polycarbonate Brackets

Developed by and exclusively available through Interior Images, our new 500ml dispenser brackets are constructed from durable polycarbonate. The streamlined design is tamper proof and theft-resistant, and puts the focus on the bottle it holds, not the bracket itself.

Being extremely lightweight, the bracket is easy to wall mount using 3M tape, silicone or screws. Our innovative alignment feature allows you to turn single brackets into double or triple configurations to suit your space and needs.

Available in matte black finish, the brackets hold 500ml tall Boston round bottles. The easy-to-use polycarbonate key to unlock the bracket is included.

Brands available include First We Clean and ORANA.  Customised ranges available by request.

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