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NEW Australian-made Serendipity Hand Sanitiser now available! 

Inspired by Australia’s natural beauty and utilising the best of its native botanicals, the Serendipity collection is a luxurious range of Australian bath and body care products that truly is a ‘lucky discovery’ for travellers. We proudly blend our liquid formulations, triple mill our shea butter soaps and infuse our bath salts in Melbourne, Australia. With clean air and pure water, it is the perfect place to start when producing the finest products to cleanse, nourish and revive your guests’ hair and skin.

Enriched with indigenous avocado and macadamia to moisturise, and bergamot and mandarin oils to refresh, the Serendipity collection is gentle and effective. Your guests will love the feel of the formulations and appreciate that they are free of parabens, sulphates and artificial colours, and that they are never tested on animals. Our Australian-made shea butter soaps are made with RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified palm oil and are offered naked, without wasteful packaging, helping to protect the land which inspired the collection.

The bold look of the Serendipity range calls to mind the Australian sky and seas. The brilliant blue tubes, which help differentiate the products for guests and housekeeping, are made with recyclable low density polyethylene and are aided with biodegradability through the inclusion of EcoPure. The chrome caps and silver hot stamp accents lend a polished and luxurious finish.

Learn more about Serendipity and see the full retail collection here.

SERENDIPITY – An Australian-made ‘lucky discovery’.

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