From the cosmetic experience of Italian company LA BOTTEGA, market leader in the cosmetic industry for hotels, and the irreverent irony of TOILETPAPER and its creators Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, comes TOILETPAPER Beauty collection.

This is a collection with a unique character that conveys the passion and fun of its creators. TOILETPAPER Beauty offers a range of flamboyant, highly stylised products, from black, white and pinstriped adorned with swirling snakes to body lotion with packaging covered in flowers with eyes and handcream decorated with a lipstick motif.

The packaging is colourful and fun, bold and maximalist. Take the Home Kit – Dish & Hand Soap. Its leaf-green box features an image of a pair of black oxford shoes overflowing with saucy spaghetti. Then there’s soap that looks like a half-eaten chocolate bar, or a shampoo bottle that appears to be raining snakes.

The idea of beauty in this line starts from the image, a pleasure involving all the senses and stimulates imagination, so that everyone can indulge in an ecstatic, perfumed and surreal world.

TOILETPAPER Beauty is designed to accompany your every moment of leisure and to give a new distinctive flavour:

Colored snakes caressing your hair.

Hummanoid flowers looking at you while you look after your body.

Hands with lipsticks for your hands.

Get ready for an immersive and colored leisure experience.

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